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Autonomous System Lab

Our primary research interest is in the development of intelligent products and systems with special emphasis on autonomous mobile robots. We are interested in the mechatronic design and control of such systems that autonomously operate operating in uncertain and highly dynamical environments (Autonomous Robots and Systems). Our major goal is to find new ways to deal with uncertainties and to enable the design of highly interactive and adaptive systems. This is driven by the vision that machines are getting closer and closer to human beings, as it can be experienced for autonomous robots, and in some cases they will even merge with them. On the other side we are also interested in the design and innovation processes itself. We investigate the fundamentals of creativity and innovation and develop methods and tools for effective and efficient product innovation (Product Design). We believe that the innovativeness of industry can and should be enhance through the implementation of new processes, methods and tools. Thus we strongly collaborate with industry in order to verify our findings and help them to become more competitive. We are convinced that an open and sustainable collaboration between industry and university is the key of success.