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The CERTH/TUC team will develop, test, and evaluate efficient, robust and versatile distributed control methodologies for the sFLY multi-MAV system; by combining existing computationally efficient optimization-based DCMR methods (appropriately modified/extended to meet the needs of the particular sFLY applications) for distributed control of multi-MAV systems with a new Cognitive-based, Adaptive Optimization (CAO) methodology which will be used for the online optimization (calibration/adjustment) of the optimization-based DCMR algorithm’s tuneable parameters.

An integrated software prototype will be developed; the development of this software prototype will take into account the sFLY hardware, communication and software requirements and constraints in order to be delivered in a form deployable within the sFLY hardware/software architecture. Also, a simulation model of the sFLY swarm of MAVs performing distributed control tasks will be developed in order to verify the integrated software prototype operation, test and preliminary evaluate the proposed methodology and calibrate, if necessary, the software design parameters and procedures.